Saturday, June 13, 2009

The update

So here is what is going on with the Michael Family.... we have lost the charger to our camera and can't find a replacement... so that is why there is no pictures, we will find it soon though..

We are moving to Florida, John is already there and working and I will be heading toward that direction on the 29th of June.. spending a couple of days in Utah before flying out of Denver to Orlando which is the city we will be living in, so if anyone would like to visit disneyworld and wants to stay with us please let us know!!! Kennedy is getting big, she has four teeth and says momma for definite, although she uses it for some other things too, she has these great little smiles, red curly hair that grows in a fro and is crawling all over the place and pulling her self up.. too busy!! much busier and demanding baby than cohen ever was. she is definitely a girl and definitely a leo and definitely a red head.. she knows what she wants and if she isn't satisfied than she will let you know! cohen is doing well, very into guns and swords and anything that can be used with them... we are working on being a little less violent in games :) not everything needs to be a gun... well at least that is what momma thinks.. cohen will definitely disagree, and he is in the I want stage. Everything that comes on T.V. or we pass in the store, "Momma I want one of those". Also sadly the number of "Mom" vs "Momma" has become pretty equal. He is phasing out the little boy momma into the big boy mom. I am bummed about that, isn't he supposed to stay my little boy forever?!


khadfield said...

Yes, they are your little boys/girls forever!! Absolutely!!

When are you coming to Utah? We'd love to catch up!


Sara said...

Sad to hear that you are moving so far away! We won't be able to catch up at Laca Caca when I visit next! I wish your little family the best and I hope this move brings you guys good things. I am sure that your family will miss you but being close to Disneyworld is a plus! I will be praying for safe travels, the stress of working and having to adjust to a new climate/state/coastline. Keep us all posted!

Diane said...

Did you move for your husband's work? How are you doing? Hope all is going well. Keep in touch!