Thursday, October 23, 2008


John and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, Yay, that is about 5 x longer than anyone in Hollywood :P, and it still only feels like we have only been together for a short time! We went to 33 Steaks, Booz, and Jazz.. it was delicious, I got a yummy steak with crab meat and this yummy sauce. John got a pepper steak, it was so good! So here is to another 55 or more years!

I had my birthday today, 26... just a note, it was fun pizza and cake with the family!


The Boulant Family said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Happy b/day to you Carley!;)

Papa Paradigm said...

Cool, sounds like fun. Ours is coming up-Hopefully we will get to do something fun. Hey I need your e-mail address if you want to look at our blog we just made it private...brigitte.papa@gmail.

Have a good one.

Mosley Family said...

Hey Carley! Happy anniversary and birthday!!! You children are adorable! I love the names of your kiddos. Great job! Hope you're doing well.