Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well, Kennedy is now almost 2 months old, she is cooing and smiling and has the cutest little dimple. Cohen loves her, and is protective but definitely has his jealousy/annoyed moments. When she cries in the car he pulls the sun shade all the way down so that he doesn't have to look at her crying... The other day she was crying and he said " I think she wants to go back in your belly....", He also tells people to put her down when he wants them to pay attention to him.

I would post some new pictures, but John and I need to get a new camera, cohen decided it would be fun to pretend the camera was a boat, needless to say camera's don't float, and don't do well in a sink full of water! So it may be a little while before there are updated pictures. Hopefully we will be able to steal some from my mom's camera.

It is so interesting how each little one is so different, Cohen gets in the car and is instantly relaxed, Kennedy, not so much... she won't be as good of a traveler as Cohen. But both of our kids are night time kids, they are not much for the sleeping.

Cohen is starting to assert his independence, I told him the other day that if he didn't do something he was going to go in time out. He looked and me and said "That's crazy talk." Nice, it is so hard not to laugh when he is trying to be serious and is not listening, he storms about the house in a very comical way to try and be defiant, very overly dramatic stomping with his arms cross, saying "I'm going to go away..." The things he says keeps everyone around here in stitches. His vocabulary is large for a little one of his age, and is constantly saying things that you have to question where he learned it.. most of the time he will say he learned it all by himself...

Well John's bank, Wachovia, was bought by Well's Fargo, so we will see how it goes we are crossing our fingers that everying either stays the same or gets better, as we know you will know.

Well that is all for now, I will try and update more frequently....

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